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“Immogroup’s mandate for residential fractionation in Milan” 

A preliminary contract was signed for the sale of a buildable area for residential use near Piazzale Accursio and the project of the le Terrazze di Certosa initiative was presented to the Landscape Commission.

To sell was CornerStone assisted by BnpParibas Rea as Vendor Agency, to buy a Club Deal conceived and created by Immogroup for which it acted as Advisor and Buyer Agency.

Beppe Caruso, CEO Immogroup: “On the building area company present in Turin, Milan and Rome, it will be possible to build more than thirty apartments in class A with garages, underground parking spaces, and all units will have large balconies and terraces to experience outdoor spaces with greater usability.”

In Milan this is the second Club Deal we are doing, after the one in Petrella 6 – Corti di Bayres – involving operators and entrepreneurs from different areas of Northern Italy.

Around Immogroup, which co-invests a share of less than 20 percent in this Club Deal, entrepreneurs from Rimini, Florence and Milan have joined forces.

On the area there is an industrial building that has been disused for more than five years, which falls among the sites affected by the Lombardy Region resolution that provides for a 20% increase in volume after demolition of the existing and reconstruction of new buildings in Energy Class A.

The establishment of the vehicle dedicated to the transaction, Milano Hub 1, the capital increase for the entry of Equity Partners, and the drafting of the preliminary contract was handled by Notary Giandomenico Vulcano of Milan.

The new building will overlook a public garden adjacent to the Hilton Double Tree hotel on Via xx and will be built with a focus on ESG sustainability

All around, recently built commercial and residential buildings and the absence of a subway stop “under the house” we do not see it as a negative aspect, in fact there will be “electric bike and car” recharging stations in “private or sharing” mode that will represent only a part of the new mobility planned in the future of Milan. Unit owners will also be provided with condominium electric bikes that they can use for private travel.

Milan is increasingly an attractive city, and there will be no shortage of investment in quality apartments with comforts and services that match current demand.”