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To Immogroup’s mandate for residential fractionation in Milan

A new fractionation of 98 housing units including 28 residential, 3 commercial and more than 65 garages and parking spaces will start shortly in Milan’s Cimiano neighborhood.

The building, built in the 1970s, is located on Via Derna 15 and is in the process of being vacated by the current tenants who occupy the units with empolyer-provided housing.

The property, with the help of Immogroup’s team, has studied the renovation of the common areas and a better redistribution of the housing units that will be studied to meet the current needs of customers.

Beppe Caruso, CEO of Immogroup: “The residential market in Milan is very dynamic and depending on the neighborhood in which is located, one has to consider offering the renovated product not only at the right price, but also respecting the expectations of those who will buy it. Before putting a product on the market, it is important to analyze the demands of buyers at that time. The market surveys we carry out before fractionation, interviewing a sample of the population, helps us prevent mistakes in offering the product we are going to put on the market.”

Ugo Rizzo, living sales manager in Milan: “The sales mandate we have just received is not a new built project, where we could offer high standard comfort level, but it is in the “renovated” segment, which likewise must give the customer a product that is adequate to their needs of a good life quality. A sales office will be set up in one of the stores in the building where customers will be able to evaluate, see and choose all the materials to customize the house they are going to buy. Customers will also be assisted during the mortgage loan phase, thanks to agreements that Immogroup is about to conclude with some leading banks in order to offer a product designed specifically for this initiative. Other real estate transactions, fractionations and new constructions are scheduled to open in Milan in the coming months, representing Immogroup’s growing presence in an ever-expanding market sector.”

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