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Galleria San Federico in Turin: to Immogroup for lease management

Offices, retail, apartments and underground parking spaces make up the entire Building overlooking Piazza San Carlo.

Beppe Caruso, CEO of Immogroup: “We have started several negotiations with important companies that by visiting Galleria San Federico are fascinated by the beauty in the architectural details in the asset, its centrality and how convenient is is to all the services that the city offers.

The property has made significant economic investments to give further luster to the commercial spaces, and the offices available in the building today, some even have terraces overlooking the renown Via Roma.

After the Rental Office activity reached 80% in the Ex Toroc building formerly home to journalists during the 2006 Olympics owned by the Real Estate Fund Rho Plus managed by Dea Capital sgr, we started the collaboration with UnipolSai sgr by offering our connections with Institutions and other important clients.

Rental Agency activity in the office and retail sector is carried out by the Immogroup Team, which has in its portfolio a total of more than 20,000 sq. m. of undermanaged offices divided in 8 buildings in the city of Turin.

In a few weeks we will conclude the contract with an important Milanese law firm that will open offices in Turin, choosing precisely Galleria San Federico as its headquarters of great representation.”

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