Immogroup: 100 housing units in Santa Rita in Turin

Immogroup is accelerating the process of divesting residential properties in Turin and this week begins fractional sales of more than one hundred units including apartments, offices, parking spaces and fitness center.

The assets are located in the Santa Rita neighborhood a few hundred meters from the Grande Torino Olympic Stadium, the University of Management and Economics and the large green lung of the Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto park better known as Piazza d’Armi.

“The fractional sale of the real estate units,” says Beppe Caruso, CEO Immogroup, “will be offered first to current tenants, who represent less than 50 percent of all the surfaces, and in two months to the free market.

To respond to an increasingly demanding clientele, we have also packaged a product for those who want the apartment renovated without necessarily having to pay for the work.

We offer the customer the possibility of assigning his tax credit directly to the person who performs the work with a discount on the invoice.

This mode will allow the buyer to have a new property by spending a little more than the used one.”

And to get a sense of how the apartment will be renovated, Immogroup will carry out the work in a unit that will be equipped with furniture and appliances so as to give the customer an “immersive” experience when they come to visit the property.

An ad hoc financial package has also been designed thanks to the agreement signed with Monety, a company active in credit mediation, which will enable us to offer a series of products that will allow those who want to buy their first home to find the ad hoc solution.

Among the products offered we are able to make available the “buy to rent” model mortgage, which provides financing with the installment equal to the rent.

This new disposal brings to over four hundred apartments for sale located in different neighborhoods of the city of Turin, placing Immogroup as one of the main players in residential fractionations in the Piedmontese capital.

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